A stealthy infiltrator and burglar 

There is no longer any sunlight—the world is plunged into eternal night. There are scoundrels who live in the darkness, who prowl the underworld unseen, trespassing where they will. They are the burglars, the spies, the infiltrators, the cut-throats—commonly called Lurks. 

When you play a Lurk, you earn xp when you address a challenge with stealth or evasion. Stay out of sight, sneak past your enemies, and strike from the shadows. If things go wrong, there’s no shame in disappearing into the darkness… for now. Your greatest ally is the dark and twisting city, its ink-dark streets, its rooftop pathways. 

How did you learn the stealthy arts of the Lurk? Which aspect are you drawn to most? The invisible watcher, spying on the unwary? The adroit acrobat, racing across rooftops? The deadly ambush predator, waiting for a victim in the darkness? 


Starting Actions

000 Finesse
00 Prowl


starting builds 

If you want some guidance when you assign your four action dots and special ability, use one of these templates. 

Acrobat. Consort +2, Finesse +1, Sway +1. The Devil’s Footsteps

Assassin. Hunt +2, Skirmish +2. Ambush

Burglar. Survey +2, Finesse +1, Tinker +1. Infiltrator

Daring Rogue. Skirmish +2, Consort +2. Daredevil


Shady Friends and Rivals

Telda, a beggar. Perhaps a mentor who taught you your skills, or perhaps a rival sneak-thief? 

Darmot, a Bluecoat. Perhaps a savvy officer that’s busted you many times, or perhaps an old friend who turned to the law instead of crime? 

Frake, a locksmith. Perhaps an expert that you go to for consultations, or perhaps a master who creates locks to defeat you? 

Roslyn Kellis, a noble. Perhaps an old friend and confidant, or perhaps one of the victims of your espionage, bent on revenge? 

Petra, a city clerk. Perhaps a good source of information?




You are not affected by quality or Tier when you bypass security measures. 

This ability lets you contend with higher-Tier enemies on equal footing. When you’re cracking a safe, picking a lock, or sneaking past elite guards, your effect level is never reduced due to superior Tier or quality level of your opposition. 

Are you a renowned safe cracker? Do people tell stories of how you slipped under the noses of two Chief Inspectors, or are your exceptional talents yet to be discovered? 


When you attack from hiding or spring a trap, you get +1d to your roll. 

This ability benefits from preparation— so don’t forget you can do that in a flashback. 


When you roll a desperate action, you get +1d to your roll if you also take -1d to any resistance rolls against consequences from your action. 

This special ability is a bit of a gamble. The bonus die helps you, but if you suffer consequences, they’ll probably be more costly to resist. But hey, you’re a daredevil, so no big deal, right? 

the devil’s footsteps 

You can push yourself to do one of the following: perform a feat of athletics that verges on the superhuman—maneuver to confuse your enemies so they mistakenly attack each other. 

When you push yourself to activate this ability, you still get one of the normal benefits of pushing yourself (+1d, +1 effect, etc.) if you’re making a roll, in addition to the special ability. 

If you perform an athletic feat (running, tumbling, balance, climbing, etc.) that verges on the superhuman, you might climb a sheer surface that lacks good hand-holds, tumble safely out of a three-story fall, leap a shocking distance, etc. 

If you maneuver to confuse your enemies, they attack each other for a moment before they realize their mistake. The GM might make a fortune roll to see how badly they harm or interfere with each other. 


Choose one of your action ratings. When you lead a group action using that action, you can suffer only 1 stress at most, regardless of the number of failed rolls. 

This special ability is good for covering for your team. If they’re all terrible at your favored action, you don’t have to worry about suffering a lot of stress when you lead their group action.

ghost veil 

You may shift partially into the ghost field, becoming shadowy and insubstantial for a few moments. Take 2 stress when you shift, plus 1 stress for each extra feature: it lasts for a few minutes rather than moments—you are invisible rather than shadowy—you may float through the air like a ghost. 

This ability transforms you into an intangible shadow for a few moments. If you spend additional stress, you can extend the effect for additional benefits, which may improve your position or effect for action rolls, depending on the circumstances, as usual. 


When there’s a question about who acts first, the answer is you. 

This ability gives you the initiative in most situations. Some specially trained NPCs (and some demons and spirits) might also have reflexes, but otherwise, you’re always the first to act, and can interrupt anyone else who tries to beat you to the punch. This ability usually doesn’t negate the need to make an action roll that you would otherwise have to make, but it may improve your position or effect. 


You may expend your special armor to resist a consequence from detection or security measures, or to push yourself for a feat of athletics or stealth. 

When you use this ability, tick the special armor box on your playbook sheet. If you “resist a consequence” of the appropriate type, you avoid it completely. If you use this ability to push yourself, you get one of the benefits (+1d, +1 effect, act despite severe harm) but you don’t take 2 stress. Your special armor is restored at the beginning of downtime. 



Fine lockpicks: A finely crafted set of tools to disable and circumvent locks. [0 load

Fine shadow cloak: A hooded cloak made of rare Iruvian shadow-silk that blends into the darkness around it. This item improves your effect level when you sneak around. [1 load

Light climbing gear: A well-crafted set of climbing gear that is less bulky and heavy than a standard set. [1 load] Standard climbing gear is 2 load. 

Silence potion vial: A vial of golden liquid that negates all sound within 10 paces of the drinker for a span of several moments. [0 load

Dark-sight goggles: An arcane device that allows the wearer to see in pitch darkness as if it were well-lit. [1 load


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