The Crew


Regardless of how a crew comes to be formed, they all have one thing in common: they exist to create a legacy that will last beyond the founding members. When you start a crew with your partners, you intend to build something that (hopefully) will live on past the scope of your own criminal careers. This is why we have a separate character sheet for the crew—tracking its development, growth, and influence. 

In a sense, the crew is the central figure in the stories we’re going to tell about the underworld of Doskvol. Scoundrels will come and go—burned out due to trauma, or killed, or forever lost to their vices, or, if they’re very lucky, gone to some comfortable retirement—but the crew carries on. New blood comes in, new characters with new outlooks and drives, new stories to be told. 

Choose a Crew Type 

Your crew type determines the scores that you’ll focus on, as well as a selection of special abilities that support that kind of action. The crew type isn’t meant to be restrictive—a crew of Smugglers might sometimes engage in extortion (like Bravos) or sell contraband (like Hawkers)—but the core activity of the crew type is the most frequent way they earn coin and xp for advancement. 

There are six different types of crew to choose from. 

Assassins: Killers for hire. They execute “accidents,” disappearances, murders, and ransoms. 
Bravos: Mercenaries and thugs. They execute battles, extortion, sabotage, and smash & grabs. 
Cult: Acolytes of a forgotten god. They execute artifact acquisitions, auguries, consecration, and sacrifices. 
Hawkers: Vice dealers. They execute product procurement, covert sales, shows of force, and social events. 
Shadows: Thieves and spies. They execute burglaries, espionage, robberies, and sabotage. 
Smugglers: Contraband transporters. They execute clandestine deliveries, territory control, and expeditions outside the city. 


Like a character playbook, your crew type is also how you’re known in the underworld of Doskvol. The criminal factions and the Bluecoats think of you as “assassins” or “a cult” etc., and will treat you accordingly. 

Choosing a crew type is a very important decision! It’s a way for the group to say, “These are the sorts of scores we want to do.” It organizes game play from “doing crimes” to “smuggling illegal spirit essences”—which helps the GM focus on the parts of the setting that matter most, rather than having to juggle every possibility at once. The group should choose a crew type that everyone is excited about. As a player, be vocal about your preferences. You’re about to spend many hours doing this, so if you’re feeling lukewarm about one of the options, speak up. 

Once you’ve chosen, grab the crew sheet for that type and record the following choices in crew creation as you go. 

Your crew begins with 2 coin in its coffers (the remains of the PCs’ savings). You are Tier 0, with strong hold and 0 rep.

The Crew

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